Staffing Changes at HRPO

Erin Grabowski (exempt/expedited coordinator) has been moved into the Regulatory Division as the Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) Analyst. Erin’s role will be to develop and implement a Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative (CQII) to monitor the adherence of the IRB to the regulations and written policies and procedures. The results of these ongoing activities will lay a foundation for educational programs for both the HRPO staff and research community. Erin’s work with expedited and exempt submissions will be transitioned to other staff members in the near future to permit her to undertake these new responsibilities.

Michelle Lemenager (previous QA/QI analyst) has moved into the role of Reliance Specialist in the Regulatory Division. In that position, Michelle will be managing requests for use of a Single IRB for multicenter trials, reviewing and processing agreements, and serving as the liaison between the HRPO and outside institutions to ensure that local policies are followed. As the new NIH policy goes into effect in May 2017, we anticipate that Michelle’s role will continue to expand in this regard.