Contact HRP

To contact your reviewer directly, see our People page. 

Many questions, tasks, and even challenges can arise during research. We're here to help. Below are email addresses for some of the most common requests that HRP receives. 


  • General IRB questions
  • Request a consultation
  • Request a pre-IRB review
  • Determine review type
  • Vincent payment questions

Please be sure to include the name of the principal investigator, PittPRO study number (if available) and a short description of the reserach and inquiry. 


  • Issues navigating PittPRO
  • Questions about CITI
  • Account issues
  • Data security review
  • Technical support


  • Request a budget prior to grant submission
  • Requests for Single IRB (sIRB) Review
    • Pitt as IRB of Record
    • Pitt ceding IRB review
  • Questions about sIRB Protocols
  • Request a sIRB consultation