Important Update: Vincent Payment Solutions

On Thursday, March 31, 2022 University of Pittsburgh Purchase, Pay and Travel issued the following message to Vincent Payment Solutions System Users:

Dear Vincent Payment Solutions System User,   

You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you have used the Vincent Payment Solutions system, which is used for paying research participants and individuals for purposes such as per diems, reimbursement, project expenses, team events, etc.  

We are committed to continuing to support payments to research participants and other individuals using the current system. However, we want to share that we are currently exploring alternative payment options that best support the needs of the University that could potentially replace Vincent Payment Solutions system in the future. It is important to note that in the near-term, there will be no disruption in service.  

We will provide ample notice and information about any changes to ensure that study coordinators and other users can train and incorporate any software or procedure changes. No action is required at this time.    

In the meantime, please continue to use the Vincent Payment Solutions system. The cards are valid through the expiration date on each card. Visit details and the latest updates related to this upcoming change.   

For any questions related to the Vincent Payment Solutions system, including the management of existing Vincent cards, please contact via an online inquiry to Payment Processing > Vincent Card Management.  


Thank you, 

Purchase, Pay & Travel