Transition of Studies into PittPRO that were Released from Continuing Review

When transition of existing studies from OSIRIS to PittPRO began, it was limited to studies with an expiration date. HRPO is now ready to transition studies that have been released from continuing review.
If your study has been completed, discontinued for any reason, or if activities are limited to analysis of de-identified data or specimens, it may be terminated in OSIRIS. Otherwise, do not take any action to transition until contacted by a HRPO representative. You will continue to operate under your existing OSIRIS approval until the PittPRO transition is approved.
The transition process is unchanged:

  1. Create a New Study
  2. Re-create your OSIRIS application (copy/paste content from OSIRIS) – IMPORTANT NOTE: No changes can be made to the application at this time other than to remove documents no longer in use or study team members no longer involved.
  3. Study Scope page, Item 10: “Is this application being submitted to convert an approved study from OSIRIS to PittPRO?” select “yes” and include the OSIRIS protocol number when prompted.
  4. Download the PittPRO Conversion Form displayed in the beige textbox and upload into the OSIRIS Renewal form section as requested.

There may be new questions in PittPRO not previously addressed in OSIRIS.
It is important to remove the footer from the consent document before uploading into PittPRO.
Please utilize the Tip Sheet for OSIRIS Conversions that can be found in the PittPRO Help Center. The Tip Sheet maps the sections in OSIRIS to the sections in PittPRO. If you have any questions about this notice, contact us through




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Studies in OSIRIS with no expiration date will need to transition to PittPRO