Update on Training Requirements

Effective March 5, 2017, OSIRIS will prohibit the submission of new protocols when any member of the research team is not up-to-date with CITI training on Human Subject Research, Responsible Conduct of Research, or Good Clinical Practice (when applicable).

The “Submit Application” function will show the error and instruct the user on who needs to complete the training:

Any member of the research team interacting or intervening with human subjects or their data, including faculty, staff, and students are required to complete the following courses:

  • Human Subject Research
  • Responsible Conduct of Research

All research team members on studies that meet the NIH definition of a clinical trial must complete GCP training.  There are two GCP training courses available. If you currently participate in an FDA regulated clinical trial or plan to do so in the future, complete the FDA regulated GCP course. All others should complete the Behavioral or non-FDA regulated GCP course (www.citi.pitt.edu):    

  • CITI GCP course for FDA regulated research
  • CITI GCP course for Behavioral & non-FDA regulated research

For more information about the human subjects training program, see http://hrpo.pitt.edu/training
Please send your questions to askirb@pitt.edu